Website Localization


International market has become greatly crowded and noisy these days. With the passage of time, you need to change the wayand practices you use to communicate with your audience. We, at Green Gate Limited, help you localize your website for a regional language so that your powerful projects reach global audience located in any part of the world and your message does not lose its effectiveness in the process of transforming from one language to the other.

We offer you efficient global marketing techniques you need to engage international consumers with the greatest impact. Provision of locally relevant content to you is our main priority. The main focus lies on the soul and impact of the message that your content is conveying. Localization of your content may be of no value if your content loses its liveliness during the process of translation. Therefore, we specially take care of this aspect of language while delivering you our best quality website localization services.

Website translation projects are usually very cumbersome and complicated. However, we have highly trained team members that know how to solve complex things in a short time period and how to keep things as simple as possible without even slightly compromising on the actual quality of the subject matter. They can handle any website localization project whether small or large, and whether simple or complex.

We use state-of-the-art technology tools in our company. These modern and efficient tools allow our team members to collaborate on different projects. These tools help them to work together on contracts that require different skill sets of professionals from different specialization fields. The outcome of the use of all this technology, tools and man-power is the provision of an unparalleled and unmatched localization service to our clients. And that’s something unique about our company that we boost.

Software Localization


Software is not something used solely by some tech savvy people sitting in front of their computer screens for the whole day. Indeed, it is something present everywhere from mobile phones to cars and used by everyone.

Software localization is a technique in which text appearing in software is translated so that it can be better understood and better used by people of some specific geographical region. But this translation process is not as simple as it seems and it may require very technical knowledge and special equipment to proceed.

Our company is full of such rare talents dealing with all software technologies whether simple or complicated. Offering your applications and software to local audience in their local language can prove extraordinarily beneficial for your projects in the long run. Such practices allow users to use your applications more easily and they feel a sense of friendlinessand satisfaction while using your application as you have struggled to provide them something useful in a language that they understand the best, and that they communicate in the most.Customers’ interaction rates drastically increase if the application is localized to their native language. Such strategies are crucially important in the building and thriving of long-term relationships with your customers. It creates a sense of care and trust in them benefiting you and them both.

We take due care to retain the integrity of the user interface and usability of the software while localizing it. We apply a little modified methodology and procedure for different software depending upon the fact where it is going to be used, that is, desktop software, web application or mobile application. For all our software localization tasks, we utilize technology tools that are latest to date.

Our team members are also working on innovative techniques and research projects aimed at further increasing the efficiency of already excellent services and setting forth new technology trends that are never used and that are never heard before. These new methodologies will save all of us a lot of time and will improve our services further.