Voice Over Translation

We have recruited professional actors of various age groups from various different regions to provide excellent voice over translation services to our clients in dozens of languages. All our voice over work is directed, monitored and supervised by highly expert and experienced professionals. We have already worked for small and large scale companies and they admire and recommend our voice over translation services to others.

You Choose the Voice You Like

We offer our clients various different voice options to choose from. You can easily listen to different voice samples and select the one you think is the most suitable for your content. Apart from already recorded voice samples, our voice actors are ready to give you auditions for their selection in which you can listen to the actors directly and decide that who is the best fit for your particular content.

We Are Here to Help

If you are finding it difficult to decide on your own, our team members are always there to help you sift out the best fit. If you like, you can leave the whole selection procedure solely to our team and rest back assured that they will cleverly select one of the actors with the best matching voice as compared to the original voice in your content and use it for your content. In this way, we give you flexibility to make the whole selection process completely in your hands to completely in ours.

Wide Spectrum of Voice Over Services

We provide our voice over services to a wide range of content formats. You certainly don’t need to worry about your content type. We can handle any format and any type of content efficiently without any hassle. For example, your content can be video ads, product videos, video games, live announcements, children’s stories, audio books, etc.

You Own the Legal Rights

You reserve all the rights to your content once its final version is completed. We do not claim any kind of royalty rights on your content.