Transcription and Translation

Transcription is actually the process in which the words of a speech in some audio or video content is written down or provided in some electronic text document like Microsoft Word file format. This may be required on various occasions. For example, the deposition of a witness in the court may need to be written down. Similarly, the speech of some valuable personality at some special event may require transcription for the printing and reference-giving purposes. The transcriptionists need not be present at the location of speech because now high-quality audio and video recording technologies are available. So, the recorded audio or video content can be sent to transcriptionists present in any part of the world. They can easily work from their homes or offices but they must keep in mind they are required to meet the time deadlines of their clients.

We have native transcriptionists working for us. We provide Best Way to Transcribe Audio to Text Service in USA, All of them are highly educated, experienced and talented. They ensure complete accuracy of their transcription work they deliver to their clients. All the transcription work is done 100% manually. We do not utilize any automated process for this purpose as we can never think of losing the quality of our services.

Our pricing structure is very affordable and the process of submitting content for transcription is super-easy and straightforward. You can easily email us your content. After the price scheme is agreed upon by both of us, we complete our task in an extremely short time frame. We deliver you the completed work far ahead of your mentioned deadlines.

While providing you our transcription services, all the rules and regulations of security and confidentiality we mentioned in our privacy policy are strictly adhered to. We take the privacy of your content very seriously and you can never expect any breach of your privacy form us.