Proofreading Agency

Being a leader in proofreading and translation services, we provide high quality professional proofreading services and editing services for all types of content from academic papers to scientific articles for journals. All our proofreaders are highly qualified natives having professional level command over their language.

Scientific Journal Articles

If you have written some article for a scientific journal, you will surely want to get it approved and published. In such a case, you can use our editing and professional proofreading services to increase the chances of approval of your article; especially if you are a great researcher and scientist with in-depth knowledge of your field’s subject matter but you are not a native speaker of English language. We will never let you fall short of optimistic opportunities just because of some language barriers. We are here to refine and polish your articles giving them a complete new life.


We also provide professional proofreading services for all types of books whether they are meant for publishing through printing mechanism or meant for selling or distribution online in e-book formats.

PhD Thesis

Our company is founded by PhDs with over 40 years of experience in different fields. Therefore, our staff is competent enough to provide professional proofreading and editing services for PhD theses of our clients. That’s technically very cumbersome and difficult task for which not all the people are competent. However, we have full confidence in our team of past masters and experts that they can easily complete proofreading and editing such technical theses with complete diligence and excellence.

Academic Papers

Writing academic papers is a common assignment task awarded to students of all the major scientific fields from medical to engineering areas. And that’s a common practice for you if you are studying for higher level courses at some university. Writing academic assignment papers may be a regular routine work for most of such students. In such a case, we can decrease a lot of your burden and help you refine your papers and make them thoroughly flawless and free of any kind of mistakes.