We offer telephonic, onsite and simultaneous interpretation services in different languages.


When you want to convey important information across the borders, you take care not to make any mistake. You want to make your information readily understandable to your audience. For such kind of interpretation services where you have to deal with language barriers, Green Gate Limited is always at hand to help you out.

We ensure you never miss any optimistic opportunity just because of lack of comprehension of speech or words.

Careful Selection of Interpreters

When you are selecting someone to deliver high quality interpretation services, quality and accessibility are of paramount importance. That’s why, we carefully select and train our interpreters to achieve the highest levels of quality. We can meet your demand for highly-skilled telephone interpreters around the clock.

All Members Are Natives

We select only native language speaking members to recruit in our team. This is to ensure complete comprehension of the language with full details and elaboration. This also enables our members to fully understand the cultural sensitivity of the words in different languages.

Onsite Language Interpretation

Sometimes when the phone interpretation is not feasible, you need an onsite interpreter who is not only skilled in language interpretation services, but also presents a professional appearance that conveys a good image of your organization.

Green Gate Limited onsite interpreters are carefully screened to deliver you the highest quality language interpretation services. Moreover, they are thoroughly tested on their knowledge protocol and ethics on a regular basis.

Corporate Interpretation Services

Our corporate clients trust on our team for simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation during business meetings, presentations, conferences and seminars. Our professional interpreters have the in-depth knowledge, and interpersonal skills to deliver information without flaws. They also keep in mind the cultural sensitivity of the languages. We can provide on-site coordination and interpretation equipment, so that you can focus fully on your event and leave the interpretation work to us.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Green Gate Limited simultaneous interpreters are carefully selected for their advanced language and professional qualities. Many of them bear advanced degrees in interpretation, linguistics, or a particular language, and have highly specialized knowledge on the subject matter. Hence we can provide the most effective simultaneous interpretation for your event.

Legal Interpretation Services

Our certified legal interpreters are available to provide interpretation services for depositions and appearances in the courts. Interpreters are carefully chosen based on their legal experience, language efficiency, and skills in the relevant subject matter. Our linguists arrive fully briefed about all the legal Jargon. We can also help in preparation of a witness for trials.

Client Feedback

Our services are based on best industry practices and leading research on interpretation standards. We actively seek client feedback and use their responses to thrive our process further. This results in continuous and never-stopping improvement in our services that are already exceptional.

Interpretation Quality Standards

Quality is one of the most crucial aspects of interpretation services. That is why; we ensure you professional interpretation standards that are based on a collaborative model. And this model never ceases to improve as more and more customer-driver feedback is accrued.

Large Network

With a large network of interpreters around the world, we can source onsite interpretation services quickly and very close to your site to reduce travel costs and prevent time delays.

Cost Effective and Flexible Rates

Our state-of-the-art interpretation services are only a phone call away from you. Our rates are flexible and we offer discounts to our loyal customers.

Our Salient Features

In short, Green Gate Limited is your first choice for all you interpretation demands. Our distinguishing salient features are summarized below:

  • Customized Programs
  • Comprehensive Language Support
  • Specialized Expertise
  • Expansive Capabilities
  • High Quality Standards
  • Security and Confidentiality
  • Convenient Account Service

We are available around the clock to meet all your Interpretation services needs.