Dubbing Services:

We have experienced team members providing dubbing services to various small and large companies all over the world. We provide dubbing and voice-over services in more than 50 languages for live-action and animated movies, broadcast series, documentaries, infomercials, and any other online video content.In addition, we also provide dubbing services for video games, e-Learning software, corporate presentations, training videos, and product trailers. We also provide you various formats to choose from; like, lip-synchronization, phase-synchronization, UN-style voice over, complete dubbing, etc.

We take great care of some main things while providing our dubbing services. First thing we pay special attention to is that the person who is recording voice-over must have a very similar voice to the actual voice of the actor in that video or content. That is the most important thing we consider while dubbing any content. Then we also keep an eye on the lip-synchronization and script adaptation as well as any emotional rise and fall in the script. In short, we not only dub the words, we also try to dub the whole situation together with all the sentiments the actors or script writers are trying to portray to the audience.

We have state-of-the-art hardware and latest professional software at our company’s production studios. These modern tools are utilized by highly expert engineers to meet the exact demands of our clients and localize their videos without losing any of its soulful impact on the listeners or audience.

We are continuously and regularly increasing our dubbing team members so that we can cater for voice requirements and tones of various age groups and different geographical regions. Native dubbing expert directors are always supervising all the going on dubbing tasks. That’s why we are confident while guaranteeing all our clients native level quality, fluency and accuracy for all types of productions completed by our company.